• Experienced Tutors

    All of our tutors are trained and highly qualified, with prior teaching or tutoring experience and high scores on standardized tests.

  • Affability

    We make sure that all of our tutors are personable and know how to make tutoring fun and engaging. We work on building a rapport with our students so that they actually look forward to their weekly sessions.

  • More Time on Task

    One-on-one tutoring offers students no distractions and more time spent on improving their grades and test results.

Proven Curriculum
  • New Paradigm

    Our curricula offer the most comprehensive pedagogy available for college admissions, secondary school admissions tests, and graduate school admissions tests. We have dissected each test and created lessons that cover every type of question that these tests have to offer.

  • Customizability

    Our range of lessons plans for all question types and tests, allows us to have a flexible program. First Choice Prep, unlike many of our competitors, can tailor our prep to meet your specific needs.

  • Great Results

    Our students have quickly improved their grades in school after starting tutoring with First Choice Prep tutors, and their standardized test scores have improved markedly, with increases of between 20 and 30%. Some of our students have seen increases of 10 or more points on the ACT and 400 points on the SAT!