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At First Choice Prep, we believe in Choice. Not Chance.

We whole-heartedly support every student on their academic journey. It’s a promise we make to every family. Whether that’s prepping for the next big test, getting some extra help with a tricky concept, boosting knowledge with enrichment or preparing for a high school admissions or college test, we’re in your corner!

How Do We Deliver On Our Promise?   

Building The Foundation

Students build the foundational skills necessary to achieve success throughout their academic journey, exploring areas for growth while increasing proficiency and mastering skills. We’re content experts in a number of subjects and we’ll help our students master the content from the ground up.

Applying The Skills

Utilizing data and foundations skills, students are guided through past problems and internally curated material to continue building skills in a nurturing environment. Our tutors work tirelessly to get to to know each of our student’s individual needs and personalize learning to fit those needs through every lesson.

Testing And Adapting

Students practice newly internalized skills in a simulated testing environment to build confidence and mastery.  This is beneficial to both their academic journey and towards success in higher learning.

Why Choose First Choice Prep?

Our Digital Diagnostic
  • Let’s work smarter, not harder. Using our digital diagnostic, we start your child’s test prep journey by asking the right questions to save you time and money.
  • Our comprehensive diagnostic report highlights your child’s areas of strength and growth to help create a smarter tutoring plan.
  • Your child can take the diagnostic at home (at any time) or in a simulated testing environment several times a month at the Academy of St. Elizabeth.
One-On-One Tutoring (Personal Attention)
  • We tailor our curriculum to YOU! Using diagnostic results we deliver a personalized and individualized learning experience to each and every student.
  • Our bread and butter service, we build strong relationships with each child and family to ensure a cohesive team effort goes into preparing for exams or tests.
Small Classes (Ideal for groups of 2-4)

With our tutors focusing on all the foundational skills that students need to excel, small classes unite the camaraderie of the classroom with the unique tailored approach of one-on-one tutoring to offer students the chance to excel at a reduced cost.

We are so happy with our experience at First Choice Prep. Our daughter was finally able to achieve the ACT score she had dreamed of and we are thrilled. We will 100% use FCP again with our son.


Montvale, NJ

Kurt from First Choice Prep was an incredible choice for my daughter’s SAT prep. He helped her reach her goal and increased her confidence when it came to testing day.

Elizabeth B.

Short Hills, NJ

Nick was instrumental in helping our son increase his SAT Score by 200 points! His effective teaching style enabled my son to balance his course load and SAT prep without undue stress

Lori H.

Livingston, NJ

First Choice Prep is my first choice for tutoring! They exceeded my expectations for both my children and personalized a plan tailored to my kids’ strengths and weaknesses.

Wendy L.

Livingston, NJ

First Choice Prep is awesome. They have tutored three of my children who have gone on to great schools (Yale, Harvard and Stanford). They still stay in contact with my children and are available to help at the college level too.

Ann B.

New Veronon, NJ

The team at First Choice Prep was exceptional from start-to-finish. First Choice Prep was instrumental in making a daunting and stressful process much more manageable.

Denelle W.

Summit, NJ


James speaks in a way that makes kids ‘hear’ him. He was easy to talk to, and tailored the verbal reviews to my son’s math brain. He went up 330 SAT points.

Chris L.

Randolph, NJ

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