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We know you may have questions… luckily, our team is great at answering tricky questions. It’s why we do what we do! Here are our most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Contact us here.

Tutoring Costs & Logistics
When is the best time to prep for the SAT or ACT?

When you’re “ready” academically and when it’s the best time for you to prep. We have specific plans for each grade level of high school from Freshman to Senior year.

How much does tutoring cost?

Please reach out to us to discuss our various offerings for tutoring, tutors and associated costs. We offer one-on-one tutoring as well as small group lessons.

How long does a tutoring course run?

We tailor each tutoring course to each individual student so we do not sell packages of tutoring or specifically suggest a duration for tutoring. We offer our services as long as a student needs it to achieve success, but typically between 3 to 5 months.

Where do you tutor? Where are your offices?

We offer tutoring online via zoom session or in person in our offices in Livingston or Millburn, NJ. At times, we are also able to accommodate in-home tutoring.

College Admissions
Should I take the SAT or ACT?

While colleges are agnostic to the score, they will want to see your best score. To figure out if you are better at the ACT or SAT, take our one-of-a-kind diagnostic test and review your results with one of our experts.

What’s a “good score” on these tests?

Anything that falls into the mid-50% range for any of the schools you’re applying to is considered a strong score.

Do colleges penalize you for taking it multiple times?

Nope! In fact, many of them reward you for doing so by “superscoring” your test.

What is “superscoring?”

It’s a practice whereby colleges will allow you to send your best scores from individual sections taken on different test dates as opposed to just the scores from one test date. This allows students to show what they’re truly capable of on each section when they’re at their best.

Do colleges “average” your test scores if you take them more than once?

Nope! Colleges will never take an average of your test scores.

Diagnostic & Practice Tests
What is a diagnostic test and why should I take it?

Our one-of-a-kind ACT/SAT diagnostic is an abbreviated version of both tests in one that will tell you if you are better suited for the ACT or SAT. Our reports also highlight specific areas of growth/focus for each student. Having this knowledge will ensure that your tutoring sessions are more targeted and individualized to suit your needs – it saves time and money and allows you to improve your scores faster.

How do I sign up for a diagnostic test and what do I need?
  • Click here to sign up for our diagnostic ACT/SAT test. The fee is $75 per test.
  • You’ll need to register first and create a log in – then utilize that log in when you are ready to take the test. You should have your laptop ready and charged and set aside 3.5 hours to complete the test.
  • Results will be available upon completion.
How do I sign up for a practice test and what do I need?
  • Click here to sign up for our ACT practice test. ACT practice tests take place every week in person at Academy of St. Elizabeth.
  • Click here to sign up for our digital SAT practice test.  We will offer digital SAT practice tests once a month at the Academy of St. Elizabeth.
How long does it take to get results from your practice tests and diagnostic tests?

Results for our SAT/ACT Diagnostic test are available immediately. Scores for our SAT and ACT practice tests are usually available the next day.

Academic Prep
I’m getting A’s in all of my AP Classes – do I need to prepare for the AP Exams separately? Or does my “A” mean that I’ll likely get a 4 or 5 on the AP Exam?

Unfortunately, AP Exams are also stylized tests, and good grades in AP classes don’t always translate to the AP Exams. We recommend that all students who are signed up to take an AP exam do some sort of exam-specific preparation ahead of time.

My child does great in school – why don’t their test scores reflect that?

Because the SAT and ACT are, to a large degree, performances, and students have to learn how to perform well on them. Further, they test math and grammar in a somewhat “tricky” way that is completely unfamiliar to students when they first take a diagnostic test. Students need to learn the style and “language” of these tests in order to feel more comfortable with them and, ultimately, score well.

First Choice Prep
What experience do First Choice Prep tutors have?

Many of our tutors have been working in the academia field for more than 8 years, some of our tutors have been working for more than a decade. Our team is comprised of full-time tutors as well as part-time tutors who’s full time roles are as teachers or professors. Each of our tutors have been trained in our internally-developed and tested curriculum.

What’s the average score increase? Is there a guarantee on improvement?

On average we improve ACT scores by 4+ points and SAT scores by 150+ points. We’ve also seen gains of up to 11 points on the ACT and 540 points on the SAT. Every tutoring experience is deeply personalized to each student – whether that’s a student striving to close a gap of a few points or a student trying to make a big leap. Given this, we can’t guarantee a certain increase because each student’s needs are vastly different.

More Resources
When are the sign up dates for ACT and SAT?

Click here to check out the upcoming dates for the ACT and check out the SAT information here.