PSAT 8/9 Class

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  • This 18-hour class is specifically designed for 8th graders applying to high schools that require applicants to submit scores from the PSAT 8/9. Students will learn the content most commonly tested on the PSAT 8/9 and develop the steely, confident mentality they'll need to optimize their performance on test day.

    During this course, students will learn to:
    - thoroughly comprehend and interpret complex texts
    - distinguish correct answers from enticing incorrect answers
    - develop proper pacing techniques without sacrificing accuracy
    - improve understanding of most commonly tested grammar rules
    - take advantage of the answer choices offered
    - improve math fluency and tackle the most commonly tested math concepts
    - maintain a high level of focus throughout the test
    - remain unruffled, poised, and confident under pressure

    This class will be taught by test prep experts, who know the PSAT inside and out and have extensive experience coaching students to success on test day. Eager, conscientious students ready and willing to work hard will benefit greatly from this course.

    Schedule: August 15 - Sept 1st, Monday - Thursday each week, 9:30 am - 11am
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