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SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparison Test

If you're just starting your test prep journey and you want to make your test prep as effective and efficient as possible, you should start with our SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparison Test. This test will help you determine three key factors that will make your test prep as effective and efficient as possible:
  1. Your baseline scores on the SAT and ACT
  2. Which of those tests you're better suited to
  3. Your strengths and weaknesses in all content areas on both tests
All students who take this test will receive comprehensive reports with starting scores, an assessment as to which test they're better-suited to (SAT or ACT), and an enumeration of their strengths and weaknesses in all the most commonly-tested skills and concepts on the SAT and ACT. Truly a no-brainer first step for anyone considering test prep. Cost: $75 (credited to your account once you sign up for tutoring or test prep with First Choice Prep)

Practice Tests

No test prep course is complete without mock testing. At FCP, we offer full-length practice tests in a simulated testing environment, every Sunday throughout the school year, free of charge to any student working with us for tutoring or test prep. Students take these tests in classrooms, surrounded by other students, under timed conditions, supervised by our proctors - just like they would be on test day. These tests allow our students to put their test-taking skills into practice in a live testing environment, replete with all the distractions they're likely to experience on the day they take the real SAT or ACT. We strongly recommend that our students take these tests several times during the course of their test prep. These tests are free of charge for all FCP students, and they're $50 for students not currently working with FCP for tutoring or test prep. All are welcome! We'll send you your results within a day or two so you can review them yourself or with your tutor.

The Academy of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ, can be a bit confusing to get to, so we've included detailed instructions below, as well as a map of the campus and surrounding streets and a picture of the building we'll be in.

If you use Apple Maps and type in Academy of St. Elizabeth, it will take you right to the front of the building. If you're using Google Maps, we recommend typing in Shakespeare Garden, Morristown, NJ - that will take you to the field right in front of the building. The photo below was taken from the Shakespeare Garden. If you're using your car's navigation system and are unsure whether it runs on Apple maps, Google maps, or its own internal map system, try to ensure that it takes you to the spot indicated on the map we've included below. If you end up getting lost in the campus of the College of St. Elizabeth, just follow signs for the Academy.

Here's a picture of the front of the building - the arrow is pointing to the entrance we'll be using.

And below is a map of the two main routes you can use to get to the campus. Most people travel on Route 24 to get to the Academy. If that applies to you, you'll enter the campus via Park Ave in Florham Park and have to navigate through the campus of the College of St. Elizabeth, following signs for The Academy. That's the route highlighted in dark blue in the map below.

Some people, especially those who live in Madison, Chatham, and Morristown, will take local roads to get to the Academy. Most of those people will enter at the southwest entrance to the campus, via Madison Ave and Convent Rd. This route will take you over the train tracks at the Convent Station train station and around the Shakespeare Garden. The large building you'll see in front of you after crossing those train tracks is the Academy of St. Elizabeth. Should look very much like the picture above. That route is highlighted in light blue in the map below.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need to cancel or reschedule your test, please feel free to email us at or call 1-800-FCP-3630. And if it's urgent and you need to speak to someone right away, please call Nick Wierda at 973-454-8099.