About First Choice

First Choice Prep was founded in 2010 by Nick Wierda. Since then, FCP has grown into a robust team of expert tutors and test prep professionals who have helped thousands of students improve their grades in all manner of subjects, ace their standardized tests, and become more well-rounded, conscientious students.

Our tutors are smart, personable, and dedicated to helping their students gain mastery over their academic futures. Our mantra "Choice, not chance" - the idea that students should not have to leave their educational prospects up to chance, that they should be able to choose to forge their own path in this world - drives us to be the best we can be for our students.

The secrets to First Choice Prep's success are the strengths of our pedagogy, the knowledge and talent of our tutors, the constant evolution of our teaching methodology and our single-minded dedication to helping our students achieve their full academic potential. First Choice Prep has also formed partnerships with several educators, learning specialists, and college counselors, in an effort to offer our students as comprehensive a service as possible.